Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hey me again~!

I have received some quotes for the amount of tile-sets I want done and its more than expected so I have decided to make another game and use the profits I gain from that one for Varge's quest. You can check out about it here:

Monday, 2 April 2012


Bad news looks like my artist can't do it after all, she's too busy. I'm currently trying to find another artist, wish me luck~

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Important update!

Well due to getting so frustrated when mapping with the AV2 tile-sets I have decided to get custom made tile-sets for Varge's quest.

I do already have someone in mind who said she can do them, but she'll be busy for a month. While waiting I will continue with scripting progress and make character draft sketches.

Over 10'000 words of main story line script have been written already, my current aim is to have over 20'000 words of main story line script.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hello again~ here are some more screen-shots of maps, that I made today so far. I'm happy at the moment because I got ten new maps done, One outside village in the forest setting and Nine inside maps that are for this village. No I don't have a name for it yet, any suggestions?

Another thing in this screen-shot I've put red circles around the edge to water, the water auto tile keeps showing bits of green in the water and then not. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Another thing which one do you like more?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hmm... Oh what the heck! Here are some screen shots of the first town in the game. Note that no Npc's have been put in yet and that I'm using a default sprite at the moment

Yes I am using the tile set's from Aveyond 2 and I do have permission. How do they look?
Reaching Souls
                       Varge's Quest
(Custom made logo for game hopefully will come soon.)


Varge a young and still apprentice knight one day is suddenly requested by the King for an audience. The next minute he finds himself teamed up with Fracious a close knight of the King and given the quest to locate the Vai'ne guild's main whereabouts. Follow him as he meets friends, helps others and complete's the task he has been given.

Vai'ne Guild:
A notorious guild that showed up ten years ago with the grand entrance evolving created mass havoc, taking live's and damaging homes, and the reason for the previous King and Queen's death. They are hated and hunted by the Kingdom for crimes they have committed, they've destroy villages, towns and cities. Murdered and torn apart family's causing mass grief and heartbreak.

Characters (Some will not be listed to add curiosity):

Varge Mc'haiven:
A young boy around the age of 17, he is the protagonist of the story and a apprentice knight. At the start of the game he will be summoned for an audience with the King, teamed up with Fracious and given the quest, to locate the Vai'ne guild's main whereabouts.
As the game progresses it will be revealed what the Vai'ne guild has taken from him, and his feelings on the quest he's been given will progress as well.

Fracious Avon:
A full fledged Knight that is close to the King, he get's paired up with Varge for the quest to locate the Vai'ne guild's main whereabouts. He is devoted to completing this task, holding personal deep hatred for the Vai'ne Guild that fuels this devotion.
He is a straight to the point and intimidating, distant feeling guy.


Other information and Progress section:

The game will at this stage be commercial, cost will be somewhere between $10 - $20.

Release date: N/A (Hoping to get Demo out in May or June though)